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GORE Downloads
Gore Ultimate Soldier: Special Edition Installer
Installs Gore 1.60.10

1.60.19 Patch
Updates Gore to 1.60.19 with no need for previous patches. Faster than the auto update

Playable Custom Maps
Installs 33 custom maps for Gore. Read the instructions

All Custom Maps
Installs 93 custom maps for Gore. Read the instructions
19th September 2011, Monday
The sign-up period for the TACT League begins! You can sign up in Gore League Forum: http://gore.omgforum.net/

22nd August 2011, Monday
Duel Tournament begins!

9th May 2011, Monday

Gore League get a new website and Multiclass Tournament begin! Look here for more information: http://www.goreland.net/goreleague

23rd March 2011, Wednesday
Gore Gibberish Chit 01 is published by Acromus. Look here for more information: http://www.goreland.net/

31st January 2011, Monday
Gore League CTF Season 1 begins!

8th and 10th January 2011, Saturday and Monday
Gore is updated to 1.60.19 and now includes the maps Distribution Camp, Incognito, Manor, Rapid and Shafted

2nd October 2010, Saturday
4d Rulers give Gore's source code to Acromus and Killer.be, so that they can fix bugs and implement any other ideas to make Gore a better game.
If you have any ideas or you want a particular bug to be fixed, feel free to register and post in 4d Rulers forum: http://www.forum.4drulers.com

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